Sunday, December 1, 2013

Martha Stewart Craft Station

One of the deals I've scored last Black Friday week at Amazon was a Martha Stewart Crafts Station. I wasn't really planning on buying one, nor was I even aware of its existence but the deal was too good to pass. I read the reviews, watched some YouTube demo videos and decided, what the heck I really want one too. I ordered it on Monday and by Tuesday it was already waiting for me at our doorstep. I was so excited with my new toy!

I've been using it all week for card making, and so far I've only used the sizing template. I have to say I was very disappointed with it. First of all, the blade that came with the craft station was dull. I have to exert so much effort and run it at least twice to get a good cut. That was a big disappointment. I have a Cricut paper trimmer that's at least 5 years old and the blade's still working fine. Second is the light box feature. Sure it's cool to have light underneath but it does not really work on most card stocks. I've tried different brands of paper, card stock, and if it's not white, you won't even see the sizing guide. There is also no indicator on where the blade sits, or when the slider stops so getting an accurate cut is a bit tricky. I always came up a little bit short on my cuts and that part was frustrating.

However, there are also some things I love about it. I love that it looks like it's built with quality in mind. The tempered glass surface sure makes cutting easier, and you don't have to worry about scratches and the likes. I love all the interchangeable templates, though I have yet to try them all. I also love how easy it is to snap on and off the blade housing from the ruler, and add the stamping guide. The templates that came with the package all look useful, I'm hoping one day I'll have the time to try them all. Overall, for the price I got this for, I really can't complain much. Lucky I got it on sale, because if not, I probably wouldn't spend more than $50 for it.

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