Sunday, April 24, 2016

Polkadoodles Dinosaur with Friends

Hello everyone! I finally finished this month's Create and Learn from Kit and Clowder alcohol markers class. I've always done color pencils but for a change I figured I'd switch over to alcohol markers since I have about a year's worth of classes left undone.

My hands are still shaking a bit as I type. I figured I must've exerted too much effort into stippling.

This is such a fun image to draw and color. Yes I did draw all the background, hence the uneven volcano in the back. The image is from Polkadoodles called Dinosaur with Friends. I learned a lot drawing and coloring the volcano, love the overflowing lava. I must say I hated coloring the hair though. It's just too messy and I couldn't for the life of me figure out where to shade and flick. It is such a fun scene though, and definitely my favorite part is the dinosaur. I had a go with all the stippling, and I love the texture it created. Hence, my shaking hand.

Head on over to Kit and Clowder if you're interested. I guarantee you will love their monthly classes. Now I'm debating if I should go back and finish the previous months' alcohol markers or get started on pencils again....

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