Friday, December 2, 2016

La-La Land Craft Retreat Projects (Part 5)

Ok, didn't realize it will take 5 posts, but here's the last. I hope you're not tired yet of these projects. I reserved the best for the last.

The first one is an album that has a case to hold it. The case comes as a stand too! And the handle! Oh I love how it looks! These La-La Land dies are just so versatile you can turn them to anything! Don't you just love how the front decorations on the box look like?? It features Fabulous Marci which will soon be released.

Dies Used:
Fabulous Stiletto, Filigree Bow, Hearts Flurry Border

And here's another jaw dropping project, the last of the bunch. So so pretty! Love how it opens and it just keeps giving you more and more! The folds are intricate and every single panel is just well thought of.

Dies Used:
Fabulous Dress, Love Doves

And here's a view of ALL the projects done.

 That's it folks! All 3 days of work, into 5 posts! Should you get the chance, I encourage you to attend one of these craft retreats, aside from making awesome projects, I guarantee you'll meet new people, friends, and have a great time! It's a relaxing 3-day retreat and I swear you will not regret it!

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