Friday, November 29, 2013

There's Always A First

I've been into scrapbooking for a long time now, I'd say at least a decade, but I've never really blogged about my previous work/projects. It's always been a hobby of mine, but since I work full time, more often than not, long periods of time would go by when I don't create anything.
Couple of years ago I had a baby and I wanted to document as much as I can about her life through scrapbooking. In the process, I stumbled upon card making. And as if finding the time to scrapbook is not hard enough, now I have a new hobby taking up more of my time - card making.
It takes a whole lot of creativity different from scrapbooking to create a beautiful card that you can feel confident in sending to someone you know. I've been trying my hand at card making for a few months now, and below are some examples of what I've created so far.
my very first hand made card - a sympathy card for a neighbor done with leftover supplies from my scrapbooking projects

a simple card using Cricut Creative Card cartridge - gave this as a going away card to a dear friend of mine who decided to leave work

a simple thank you card using my Silhouette Cameo - gave this to my sister in law  

using Cricut embossing folder and Cricut Disney Tinkerbell Cartridge - I gave this thank you card to my sis in law who gifted me this Cricut cartridge

a simple Happy Birthday card made out of my Silhouette Cameo 

Still trying to get the hang of this new hobby so please bear with my 'crude' designs. Hopefully the more I make the better I can get. And that I'll have time to remember the supplies I used and keep blogging. Thanks for stopping by!

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