Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good Teachers Are Hard To Come By

One of my daughter's school teacher is once again leaving and moving to a different school. I get so sad when I see notices about good teachers leaving and looking for something somewhere else, be it closer to home or higher compensation. Over the years a lot of teachers in my daughters have come and gone, and I'm sad to say I haven't seen a replacement as good as the one that left. So here I am again, sad, that the after school program teacher is leaving. I always catch her telling stories, reading books to the kids, and just being a stern but loving teacher. I will miss her, as I'm sure my daughter will too.

To show my appreciation I made this card for her, hopefully she'll know that she's been truly appreciated, by me and my daughter.

I used some leftover papers from Chalk It Up paper pack, and I cut up the image of the teacher and blackboard from the Cricut Create a Friend cartridge. Since the school has the blue uniform as standard apron color, I decided to do that, since I always see her in that uniform anyway. I used Chalkboard font for the word "teacher" on the board, so it reads Awesome teacher. I added some doodles to the border of the card, but I'm afraid I didn't do quite a good job at it.

And here's the sentiment that I stamped inside the card. I'm not good at doodling, so please forgive the imperfection. I put on the black enamel stars to serve as "bullet points", and also as kudos, for being a wonderful teacher. I used the stamp set Teacher Appreciation to express my gratitude.

And here's what the stamp set looks like.

D1612 Teacher Appreciation


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