Saturday, January 2, 2016

Planner Tab Dividers

Hi everyone! To continue my post from yesterday, today i'm sharing the tab dividers I made for my Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner. I used scrap papers from Close to My Heart to create these tab dividers and added pockets so I can store little note scraps here and there.

Ideally the sides of the pocket should close, but since I used only scrap papers and they're not the ideal size, I made sure I just glued the sides really tight. That also means these are just meant for small stuff, like coupons for example, since these won't expand. Given the thickness of my current planner anyway, I'm not sure this can go even further.

I also put labels on the tabs so I can identify what each pocket will be used for. I made 12 of these, but since it's redundant to keep posting the same thing, I just picked my favorite CTMH papers to show. Now I'll be able to take my coupons with me, or perhaps some grocery list and never forget where I placed them since this planner will be with me most of the time anyways. Love how these came out vs. buying pre-made ones that are a bit expensive out there. And best of all, I get to utilize my scrap papers!


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