Saturday, September 5, 2015

Color Swatches

I've been struggling with my mojo this week, and so to keep doing something crafty still, I decided to organize my ink stash. Organizing seem to help, be it to calm and de-stress me, or at least give me the sense that I'm still doing something craft related.

I re-organized my ink stash by color, and while at it decided to do swatches. Maybe it will help me use them more. But overall, swatches are a great tool. I use it for my Copics, why not for ink pads right?

So first up, Close to My Heart Inks. I honestly love these ink colors, and especially the card stock coordinates! I love how rich and unique the colors are!

Next up are my Distress Ink pads and markers. It was only through this exercise that I realized I had more pens than ink pads, and I'm lacking quite a bit.

And lastly, my Hero Arts inks. I love love love Hero Arts inks. The colors are so dark and vibrant and it always brings out a pop to whatever project you do! The first column are Shadow Ink colors, and the next 3 columns are the Mid-Tone Shadow Inks . And the very last column are the new Ombre ink pads. I realized I still miss a few ink pads. Maybe this labor day weekend sale somewhere can help me complete the colors.

Lastly, here's the Spectrum Aqua line. After doing this swatch I realized the colors are a bit disappointing. It looks like the ones you buy from Michael's, the Artist Loft brand of watercolors in pans. There's nothing special to the colors really. Or maybe it's just me? After all I'm not an artist. 

Anyways, I hope this helps you guys out there who are planning to buy or just want to have an idea of the colors. It certainly helped me. Especially on the markers, I sort of have an idea which colors blend well and don't, and which ones I have to lay lightly. 

Happy long weekend everyone!

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  1. thanks for showing your charts. Used your aqua marker one to make my own chart. I agree, they are not the best watercolor markets I have had but you get what you pay for I guess.