Saturday, May 28, 2016

Welcome to the World of Calligraphy

Hi Everyone! Couple of weekends ago I attended a calligraphy workshop by Mon Voir and I instantly got hooked. Like HOOKED! The last couple of weeks whatever spare time I have I've devoted to learning and practicing calligraphy. I've tried to absorb every piece of information out there. 

From papers to pen holders to nib to inks, I've read up about. I can probably blog about what's the best supplies out there and what's not, given the amount of supplies I've already purchased and tried, but I'll leave that to the experts. After all it's only been a couple of weeks for me. 

I'm sharing some of my practices and hopefully some time in the future I can look back and see how far I've improved. 

I am so addicted to this, and hopefully with practice I'll get better. 

And here are some dates I've written.

Some scribbles using Tombow Dual Brush Pen.

And here I've started to venture into colored inks. I use Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India Ink. 

And as I get bolder I tried to start writing quotes. 

If you're a calligraphy expert, I'd love some feedback please! I have been learning from The Postman's Knock and can honestly say I love everything Lindsay teaches! Her practice sheets are heaven sent, and I've learned a lot of basics too from her. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!

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