Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kiwi Lane DT Tray

It's finally here!!!! Yay!!! Couldn't be any more excited and happy!!! I've owned the whole complete set of Kiwi Lane templates for awhile now and to be honest they are still in their plastic wrap. It's a pain to take them out and put them in again so I haven't been using it much. I use it a lot for scrapbooking pages, but now with this DT tray, I can finally take them all out within easy reach!! Took Kiwi Lane long enough to come up with this one! Got it the first time they released it, $75 and free shipping for Mother's Day.

This is very well made. I am very impressed at the wood working details. Edges are very smooth, paint job done very well, and just look at how precise the grooves are! I can't wait to start using it. First, I have to figure out where to put it, because I'm pretty sure my toddler's going to mess up my templates once it's within her reach!

Kudos to Kiwi Lane!

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