Saturday, August 15, 2015

Get Organized

Close to My Heart's August Constant Campaign is all about getting organized. I am so happy they came out with a Marker Roll Up and an Accessory Roll Up too. I am so excited to be taking this Marker Roll up with me to a crop retreat soon. I love the fabric, the design, and the colors too! I love how compact it rolls up to, and how it helps your markers stay organized even as you travel.

This August, get a Marker Roll Up and get a Balloon Wishes stamp set for free!

I got my Accessory Roll Up today and am so happy to finally have my embellishments organized. It used to just be stored in a Snapware container, all piled on top of each other. But now with this Accessory Roll Up, I can see each and every embellies I have!

I love the jean-style fabric! It's casual and sturdy and know it's built for wear and tear. Zipper's pretty strong too as I've zipped and unzipped multiple times while organizing. And I also got 2 sheets of Base and Bling stickers with this purchase!

Now I'm not much into Base & Bling but have on occasion tried a couple of bracelets and necklaces as gifts. However, this new design is just too pretty and the possibilities are endless! I'd have to get myself some silver chains and charms to make more necklaces! Or, I could use it as stickies for my EC planner too!

Here's the stamp set you get for purchasing the Marker Roll Up. I haven't had the time to organize my ShinHans yet, nor try the Copics yet with this Roll Up. Once I get to it I will post pictures too. But you can never go wrong. These Roll Ups are so great!!!! Gets yours here now!!

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