Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Cards Using Pathfinding

Fall is just around the corner (at least for us here in SoCal), and I can't wait! Weather's been way too hot I hope Fall comes soon.

Here's a sneak peek of my workshop for October. I made 3 cards using Pathfinding Cardmaking Workshop on the Go. The whole kit can make 15 cards out of these 3 designs. I did my own version, with some tweaking the design that came with the kit.

Here's a close up look of each card. This has got to be my favorite I think. I love the different mix of colors and how 'Fall' it looks like!

I am so loving the woodgrain stamp that comes with this kit. Isn't that just adorable? You can use it as a full card background too. I will have to do that some time.

My third card's inspiration is from the Wishes book I believe.

The whole kit costs $24.95 and can make you 15 cards from 3 designs. If you wish to purchase the kit, click here. I will be including this for my October workshop so stay tuned for details! If you can't wait, leave a comment or email me and I can send this card workshop first.


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