Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Witch Penny Slider Card

I've always wanted to try making a penny slider card and now here's my rendition. What I like about this is it's so easy to make, and in case you didn't notice, I didn't stamp a single thing! The design is an SVG cut from the Silhouette Online store. It is so easy to make though, even without the SVG cut.

This is a 5x7 card. I used Sunset cardstock as base. Then I used scraps to make the moon from my Scaredy Cat Paper Pack, a white cardstock that I sponged Soft Vanilla ink to make a wispy shadow and topped it with Whisper ink to show a grayish fog effect. The rest of it is from the Scaredy Cat Complements pack, and the stars from the Scaredy Cat Assortment pack.

For the partial moon, you'll need to cut the bottom layer a little over 4.1" wide by 3.7" high, and the top layer size is about 1/8" less than the bottom one. Once you've got your pieces cut, draw a curved line and cut. You'll need to line up and layer the 2 B&T papers (after you cut a curved edge) together with the black base, and cut out a "hook" angle so the penny can rest there. Make sure you clip them together so you get a clean cut through. You'll have to take 2 pennies first, mount them together with foam tapes, and use that as your guide to make sure you pennies will easily slide up and down the slot. Make sure the pennies slips through the slot you make. This applies to any penny slider card you make. You measure the distance, depending on how far you want your image or attachment to travel.

Then you can add whatever image you want to the penny, in this case I used the witch from the assortment and embellished as I go. I hope this somehow teaches you how to make your own penny slider card. And if it's too hard, you can always purchase it from the Silhouette Online store.

If you have questions, pop a comment or leave an email please. Would love to hear from you!

Here's another view of the witch flying halfway. This shows you what the "hook" looks like.

I can't wait for Halloween! Didn't used to be something I look forward to or celebrate, but this year, believe it or not, Scaredy Cat got me into it!


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