Thursday, September 17, 2015

Faber-Castell Gelatos

So I've owned a few Gelatos for awhile now, and lately have been playing with it with my daughter. She loves the colors, the way she uses the stick to brush colors on her paper. It got me to looking at how much colors I actually own vs. what I still miss. If you know me, you know I'm just a regular crafter-hoarder right? So I started to make a spreadsheet of just how many colors Gelatos have, and which sets to buy in order to complete the colors.

 I didn't realize they have so much!!!! Goodness!

If I'm not mistaken there are actually 53 colors so far. I marked in yellow the ones I have, it looks like I have a lot but not really, it's just that these colors repeat themselves in multiple sets. Personally I thought that's a bit sneaky, forcing you to buy a whole set of 4 just to get the 1 color that's only there but not on the other sets. To date I have not found these colors being sold individually. Only the Double Scoops are sold individually, and they don't come in all colors.

I still have some on order. When I the latest colors I just bought, I will make a swatch for it. I love my gelatos. I'm thinking of a lot of projects to do with it, I just need the time!

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