Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scrapbook Expo Anaheim Mega Make & Take

It was my first time to attend a Mega Make & Take crop night at the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim. My friend Christina convinced me that it would be tons of fun so I signed up. I was actually surprised how fast time flew by! The projects were fun to make, and most of all, it gave me and Christina time to catch up, and in the process met 2 new friends. Shout out to Rachel and Maria if you happen to pass by here!

So the Mega Make & Take even started at 6pm, and each project has an allotted 30 mins each. First up was from Paper Wizard. This was pretty easy to put on since everything already came pre cut.

2nd project was from Krazy Kreations. We did this note pad and I loved the black sticker butterflies. 

I liked putting this together, and am now hook on the black outline stickers. 

The 3rd project is from Scrap That! We did this card, and to be honest I'm not a big fan of it. It looked plain, and wasn't really hard to put together. The bling was of poor quality and as soon as you peel it the whole shape just kind of collapses. The only thing I liked with this are the chalk markers. The kit came with a blue marker. The Craft Decor chalk writer is so smooth when it writes, I went and purchased the remaining colors that it comes in.

The 4th project is from It's Cheaper Than Therapy. I love this step card and will be making some of these in the future. I enjoyed putting these together too. Love the flowers! I've done this before, using Treetops stamp set from CTMH. I should think of other themes to do.

The 5th project is from Craft Fantastic and we did a necklace and keychain. I'm not posting a picture since I wasn't impressed with it at all. I believe the Close To My Heart Base and Bling program is much prettier, nicer and more worth the money. 

The 6th project is also one of my favorites. This one's from The Rubber Cafe. I like the acetate material for the card, and this actually gave me an inspiration to do something with the CTMH Rain or Shine stamp set. More of that to come.

This is just too cute! I'm actually looking at The Rubber Cafe's monthly kits now! 

The 7th project was a purse from Sparkle N Shine. I'm not a big fan of this. It wasn't challenging, and the purse design I got wasn't really that pretty for me. Either way, still fun putting it together.

The 8th project are tags with pocket container from Bee Creative. This is cute, but I wish they'd let us color the flowers and part of the rabbit arm. They gave us 1 marker included, but it's not really enough of a challenge. Fussy cutting the flowers took the most time. Still, I love how cute these tags are! 

There are 2 more projects after, both scrapbook pages. But since it was getting late I decided to just take it home with me and do it when I get the chance. 

Overall, I had a lot of fun! Nothing beats meeting new people who share and love what you do and just spend an evening chatting away. With how work has been going on, this was a welcome break. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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