Friday, March 20, 2015

Chameleon Pens

If you follow my blog you know I recently purchased the entire set of Chameleon Markers. That was around January 30 I believe. And you also know how many projects I've used these markers with. Not a lot. So surprise surprise, when I wanted to use them again last week, I discovered that the alcohol toning medium portion of it have already dried up. Seriously?? I own all colors of Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers, and I also have all the colors Close to My Heart carries on the ShinHan markers, and none of them have dried out. I've own both brands for quite some time now, ShinHan being almost a year and Spectrum Noir almost 2 years. I've never had troubles with having to replace nibs yet or refill.

I am disappointed that a new marker whose main feature is for you to be able to blend while coloring using 1 pen only, relies heavily on the toning medium, can make their products this inferior.

As you can see, all the tips have been permanently contaminated with the marker color.

Some of these are the worst. The bottom pens are completely dry and have sucked in so much color.

I'm hoping I just got a bad batch of pens and that the place I purchased these will be able to send me a replacement. I loved these pens when they were actually working. But if these pens are designed to be refilled every couple of months with minimal use, then I don't think I need to own these.

I'll keep you guys posted. 

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