Saturday, December 5, 2015

La-La Land Crafts Annual Retreat

It's been awhile, and I apologize for my absence. What with the holidays and family coming over and getting school projects ready and full time work, I got flooded. Now that everything's a bit settled down, I'll be back in action again! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with family/friends. We had a quiet one, and it gave me a little bit of time to catch up on crafting.

Last month I attended La-La Land Crafts' Annual Retreat. It was my first time, and with family in town I almost didn't make it. But I'm so glad we worked out the schedule and I was able to partially attend the retreat. Boy was I ever glad I made it! The retreat was so much fun, and jam packed with projects! Projects that I'd probably be intimidated to do by myself, but have now learned so much that I could hopefully apply in future projects. I will share with you little by little the projects given to us at the retreat. There's a total of I think 24 projects in total. It was a 3-day retreat and on day 1, there was 1 class held towards the evening. Day 2 had 3 classes, and Day 3 had 2 classes I believe. The projects were very challenging and took a considerable amount of time to finish. Aside from that there were small tables were people can go around and make side projects.

Given the short amount of time and the quantity of projects, I decided to take home all the side projects and focus on the class projects itself. It took me about a good 3 weeks after the retreat to finally finish assembling and making every single project. Yes, it was that hard! 3 weeks, a couple of hours a day at night before going to bed, and that does not even include coloring! Coloring the images up took about 3 days here and there.

I am so happy with the quality of the retreat. And if you've been following me you know I'm a big La-La Land fan. I love the Marci images, and their dies are really great quality. So I signed up for next year's retreat in advance. I did it just in the nick of time too! After I signed up the slots all filled up and the retreat is fully booked! I think Irina is taking names to be on Waitlist, so if anyone out there is thinking of joining, try having your name placed on the waitlist. I promise you it will be worth your while.

To see a picture of the gang, head over here!

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