Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Critters Galore!

Valentine's day is just a couple of days away and I'm scrambling to make cards for my daughter's class. I chose to do critters so the kids will appreciate it and at the same time hopefully becomes a 'tool' to learn animals. She's turning 2 soon and the toddlers in her class are in that stage of learning animals and sounds they make. It took so much time to put these together, but it was well worth it! My daughters reaction was of pure glee when she saw these critters, and we had fun identifying them too.
Cricut's Create a Critter 2 cartridge is so much fun to use! The animals are so cute! The themes are also perfect for Valentine's Day! I should make a mental note to use them more often, even for other occasions. I underestimated the time it takes to create these. Now I know better and hopefully can plan ahead the next time!

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