Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Crush Books

Before I joined CTMH I was a big fan of K&Company's Smash Book. So when I found out CTMH has its own line of these books, of course I have to grab one for myself! My book arrived yesterday and let me just say I love every page of it! I ordered My Crush Modville and 2 of the assortment, Memories and Favorites to go with it. I currently have a small K&Company's travel smash book and it's always in my purse. Whenever an idea hits me, or if I just need to keep a piece of paper or receipt or need to jot down some notes or highlights of my day, I quickly turn to it and write it down. It's nice to be able to look back at it. It's like your memory on the go. With everything on my plate these days, some memories are just too precious to forget. I like how I can go back anytime and mark a to-do I've done, or add to a list of ideas I'm collecting for my daughter's birthday party and stuff like that.

I've snapped a few pictures of the inside, just to give you an idea what some of the designs are. I took pictures of my favorites so far. Don't you just love them??

And here are the 2 assortments I purchased along with the book.

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